You want the glass half full, not half empty.

Tell people how you are feeling. Life is short and worse case scenario they do not feel the same way. The idea of the "amazing love" keeps some people stuck in this pre-fairytale state where all you think about what could be. As my 17 year old self states, "Take the chance before the chance is gone, or someone else takes it."

You know,

the time in your life when you think you are happy,

but where is one part?

What is missing?

You ask yourself this cause you can feel an empty space.

You also understand,

your surrounded by love,

its all around you,

but where to find that one piece?

Your almost positive you know where to get it,

so why not run and make the puzzle complete?

You think you know you know what love is,

but all you know is an illusion of love,

your hugging it and poof its gone,

maybe because its not the one to make it true and real,

You know who the right one is.

And yes your intimidated,

not by him,

but the thought of releasing all your secret love and truth.

You look up to him greatly,

come on,

stop waiting for the night,

cause before you know it,

it will be morning,

it will be too late for you,

and this will sit on your shoulder for the rest of your life,

you know it.

You want him,

want to have him more than anything you have ever wanted,

on the other hand you just want to see him happy.

He is perfect no doubt,

the only fault he has is not knowing what you feel,

and that's your fault and you know it.

Have some courage,

you can do it.

You will feel a million pounds lighter,

even if it don't work out,

go take the chance before the chance is gone,

or someone else takes it.

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