The Four Letter Lie.

I feel so confined,

to this small place where I can barely breathe,

the funny thing is that there is no one here,

but me,

and my thoughts.


why did I do that?

What was I thinking?

I wasn't even thinking.

Why cant I just let it go?

Brush it off?


I just feel so stressed.

He said that to me.

It sounded right in the moment,

Those three little words that have so much meaning.

and I responded with what he wanted to hear,

what felt right at that moment.

It felt like the movies.


What I told his was not what my heart was telling me.

L O V E.

The four letter lie.

I do not know what to do.

I am not in LOVE!

I know I am not,

But he doesn't.

He is going to be disappointed,

but he has to know.

#Love #Brokenhearts #life #RealizingThings #Poetry #Struggle #Choices

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