My best friend.

I have many friends,

one or two I call my best,

but there is one,

O yes He is,

He is higher than the rest.

He laid it on the line for me,

It would be His life,

If that is not a friend,

What is?

Then darkness is not night.

When I need to talk,

He is always near,

patiently, listening closely,

with an open ear.

He don't live next door,

or even down the street,

but He lives very close to me,

Inside my heart with every beat.

When I'm drowning he's my air,

He's the hope in my despair,

He's everywhere I look around,

the burden off of me he took.

His love is what I found.

Through the good and the bad,

when I was angry or mad,

Through the thick and the thin,

when it is all up to Him,

He will always be my friend.

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