It's Christmas Time

It's that time of year. Sadly, I lost the 'Christmas Spirit' for awhile, but thankfully my sweet babies

I bought that O so cute ornament at the wonderful world of Target last year! 3 BUCKS BABY! ;)

brought it back to life in me. Oh the wonder that I see in their eyes when they get to experience it all each year.

Everything in life is what you make it. So thankful that God gave me an imagination, an attraction to clear Christmas lights, a love for my babies in flannel pajamas, a heart to think of others, the underrated yet amazing NSYNC Christmas album, the aroma of Better Homes and Gardens "Warm Velvet Pomegranate" wax melts, a warm home, moments to see extended family one year older than last year, more time off, and a comfy couch showing of the Grinch. As I type all of that, I tear up.

BUT.... yes you know where I am going with this....there something far greater that God gifted us with. Something that if all of that was gone today, I would still have some form of hope. A story so grand and so plain at the same time. A coming that changed the way we all view majesty. Riches, wealth, luxury... no, quite the opposite.

Many times true beauty is found in the mundane. Great wonder can be found there as well. Moments when the simple can evoke a feeling of hope and wonderment. Even the simple is so complex, maybe even more so.

If I have learned anything from God is that he is detailed. He is specific and intentional with his creations of all kinds. "All that glitters is not gold." The birth of the Jesus was not glam on purpose. I just think it is amazing that God chose just a regular girl to carry out such significance in the way it all has played out. Just a girl who had faith. Not a celebrity or a mogul, just a girl.

God is alive. I keep being drawn back to Jesus like the wise men who followed the star. He a bright light for me in a world that can be complex and dim.

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