Bye Past. Hello High Hopes.

"Had to have high, high hopes for a living..

Shooting for the stars when I couldn't make a killing.

Didn't have a dime but I always had a vision

Always had high, high hopes."

-Panic! At the Disco "High Hopes"

Hello #entrepreneur / Pineapple,

Today is a new day and a new moment to create the story line that you have always visioned for your life. You can't change the previous chapters though.

Imagine your past as a room...

Maybe it's dark, maybe its light. On one wall there are multiple TVs replaying every mistake you've ever made, every failure on replay like a movie. As you watch this unfriendly programming, your stomach starts to feel unsettled as you relive every moment.

On the wall to your left are huge photos of everyone that has every hurt you. Your teeth start to clinch as you catch a glimpse of the irritating collage. You whisper "How could they?" under your breath.

In the middle of the room sits a golden table and on it is a bright white book. As you open it, you realize that it is filled with page after page of every lesson you have ever learned. "Always be thankful".."Trust is earned"..."Guard your heart"..."Choose joy". As you flip through its pages a black matte envelope falls to the floor.

Inside the envelope you find a letter that reads "You were made for more. O so much more. I want you to take this book with you and leave this room forever. Never come back for it is a waste of precious time. As you move forward and the door closes behind you, please continue to add to this book of wisdom when you have a rainy day, but do not visit here again. You were meant to take the wisdom from this room, but you were never meant to take the pain.."

As you begin your exit, something in you wants you to turn around and stay. Why are you so attracted to this space that steals your joy? With a heart that is ready to free itself, you finally realize you control your steps, your mind, your effort, your feelings and out you go...

What does the chapter of life you are in say...?

"She was a determined. The one covered in the scars of her yesterday, yet she persisted because she knew what she was capable of and she always chose to find joy even in her darkest day. Her confidence carried her."

or does it read...

"She had no confidence in the spark that burned in her heart. The one that she would not let burn bright because she was afraid. She continued to suffer in the worry that she created. What a tragedy..."

You have the power to start a new chapter this moment. It will require work and dedication for change, but aren't you tired of the old? No one else can do it for you. It is a story only you can write.

If you read this entire post you have to watch this video. AHHmazing!

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