A Slave to Dreams

Why do I sit here?

Trying to imagine my name in lights.

Fireworks, KABOOM, and

the cheers sweep me away.

The rain hits my face and

and takes my breath away,

but in a good way.

Worry not in sight,

O it is so far out of my reach,

like it hates me,

so I just sit here and think.


Maybe this reality is where my mind needs to rest.

Maybe "the dream" is a façade to steal my joy.

Maybe the "success" is an illusion?

It's purpose may be to take away my current smile

that remains broken,

for I continue to live in my dreams.

In my mind,

in a false reality.

Moment surround me with eyes for now,

with eyes for vision in this very hour.

Before the hour is gone,

& my mind dreams up more out of my reach.

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