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Most days you will find me tapping on the keys of my HP Laptop, staring out of the window like the girl from the Kelly Clarkson song "Breakaway". Between picking up the toys that confetti my floors, I am working on this business. I am igniting my entrepreneurial spirit with the smiles of my clients.

I could say that "I am just a small town girl with big dreams", but I am beginning to realize that I am so much more than that. I am a woman filled with a God driven purpose. Creating and being inspired is what keeps me going. I thrive off of art. For years I never realized how much I depended on that part of me to keep going. Now I do.

It is a beautiful thing when we learn to let ourselves begin to grow into the creature that God created us to be. As much as I love creating websites, that is just one small part of me that I have to offer now. Please subscribe to my blog below to stay with me along my journey.


Cheers to having the opportunity to play a small role in your business + life journey by creating a something amazing to enhance your business life. I love small business and all of the entrepreneurs who literally put their heart and soul into all that they do. If that is you, then this one's for you. *CLINK* Cheers to where we have been and where we are headed!

What is your favorite food?

Red Wine Vinegar + Hummus

(Weird Right? I eat them everyday on everything)

What are your favorite shows?

The Office + Gossip Girl + The Bachelor

(Chuck + Blair forever....Best Season.. Colton)

If you could meet one person dead of alive who would it be?

 Ed Sheeran + the cast from the Office

How do you drink your coffee?

Black + Cinnamon + Stevia

(So Good!)

Dream Musical Collaboration?

Ed Sheeran + Jason Lancaster

(This would so be genius!)

I love love love...

Epsom Salt Baths + Sunsets + Quotes


What is another odd thing about you?

I love writing poetry, but I don't like reading most poets.

(idk why...lol)

Describe a perfect outing with your best friend...

A trip to target + Clean Asian Food + Convo about God & life over coffee

Songs currently on repeat...

Beautiful People (Ed Sheeran), Never Really Over (Katy Perry)

just for fun


Check out my Pinterest board below titled "1000 WORDS" where I enjoy adding quote graphics I relate or am inspired by.

What makes your heart sing?

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